Rathnure GAA Club Underage Coaching Plan

Agreed list of skills to be achieved at each age group following a meeting of underage coaches in Rathnure on 16/07/12.

We hope to have a list of coaches that are available to help any person/coach that feels unable to or isn’t confident enough to coach a particular skill. At the end of the day it is better to get help than teach the kids the wrong way of doing something.

U-4 to U-8

Nursery programme to include the following

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Kicking



  • Dribble
  • Shoulder clash
  • Stopping a ground ball
  • Frontal ground block
  • Hook
  • Ground strike
  • Ground strike on the run on dominant side
  • Tackling /Tussling



  • Ground strike on the run on weak side
  • Chest catch
  • Roll lift
  • Overhead catch
  • Jab lift
  • Striking from hand
  • Frontal block
  • Hand pass



  • Blocking a ball overhead
  • Controlling a moving ball
  • Doubling back
  • Batting a ball overhead
  • Ground flick
  • Overhead striking
  • Tactics: positioning on the field etc.
  • Free taking
  • Sidelines



  • Shadowing
  • Soloing
  • Striking weak side
  • Striking high, middle and low
  • Striking moving away from target, high and low, left and right.
  • Review and recap of all skills previously taught.
  • Core conditioning
  • Aggression with the ball & in the tackle.
  • Lifestyle coaching, diet, rest, alcohol etc


Juvenile/ Minor

  • Core conditioning
  • Resistence Training
  • Defensive skills, blocking, hooking & batting
  • Striking in all directions left and right at full pace
  • Once touch hurling
  • Attacking skills, creating space and using width
  • Aggression beating a man one on one etc
  • Lifestyle coaching, diet , rest , alcohol, etc


The above would include what each coach is expected to coach at that grade.
It does not mean a coach can’t do any more than what is on the list.
It is just the minimum amount that has to be covered.