Planning a coaching session, and indeed the entire coaching year is essential for a number of reasons. On a session by session basis it allows for proper, well delivered coaching sessions which show that the Coach is competent, in charge, and knows what they are doing. On a seasonal basis it allows the Coach to outline goals, monitor performance and adapt as the season progresses.


Here are a few questions to help you focus on the topics addressed in this section:

– Do we plan each session before we get to the pitch?

– Do we consult our assistants or fellow coaches to ensure they know what’s going to happen at the next session?

– Or do we arrive at the pitch and then decide?


One of your main duties as a Coach is to ensure that Players keep returning to training. A decrease in the numbers attending says something about how you prepare, plan and/or how you conduct your coaching programme. At the same time, maintaining and increasing the numbers at your sessions indicates that you are doing something right!

Here is a template of a session planner developed by the club:

Coaching session planner

Cumann Luthchleas Gael has some useful recommendations when it comes to preparation of sessions:

Get the most from your coaching session