Rathnure Motiv8 2019 – The Rules & Regs!

Online Registration for 2019 now open – Click HERE

Fri 11th January 2019 – Registration Night from 8pm – 9pm in the Hall
Monday 14th January 2018 – Motiv8 2019 Begins!

What is it all About!
Rathnure Motiv8 is an eight week program designed to improve the fitness in both
mind and body of participants.

It will comprise of a setting personal and team goals in one or a number of categories,

Improve my fitness
Weight Loss
Improve my sense of self through Mindfulness
Help me to Stop or reduce negative behaviours such as smoking, drinking etc

A number of classes will be laid on each week, these will include:

Circuit Training
Strength and Conditioning

A participant can go to as many or as little classes as they wish. They will be held
most evening or mornings if the need arises. While a participant can attend as many
events during the week as they wish, they can only score a maximum of 3 points
awarded to any participant each week, remember you Motiv8, your goals.

It is also envisaged that there will be a Bootcamp session every second Saturday of
some description that will be either indoor or outdoor comprising of a tough no
nonsense physical training session.

This is a joint community effort being organised by both the Hurling & Camogie
Clubs and also the Parish Committee for the benefit of the facilities at the Nicky Rackard Park GAA Grounds and our Parish Church Restoration.

There is €20 registration fee and €40 fee for classes. Total cost is €60.
This has to be paid in full either on-line at http://www.rathnuregaa.ie or on registration night on the 11th of January 2019. There is NO option to pay weekly or after an event. U20’s can register for total cost of €40

A team will have 2 leaders that will recruit participants and actively encourage them
to reach they’re goals. There can be as many participants on a team as you like.

Yes there is a winning team. A team will be crowned Rathnure Motiv8 2019
Champions through a combination of 3 elements, namely:

Points for attendance. Max of 3 per individual per week.
Percentage weight lose of the Overall team (minimum of 10 team members weighted)
Money raised, coming from 2 possible streams:
– Registration Fees of participants
– 1 Fundraiser Event

Each team will be allowed 1 Fundraiser. That can be any event, day or night. It
doesn’t have to be an event associated with the fitness, it is just used to generate

Scoring Points
There will be 2 Main Orgainsed events of a 6km walk/run at the start and end of
Motiv8. These will be free to Participants and used to test yourself and your progress
and gain points for your team. There will be double points available to participants on
both those days. Meaning if you attend 3 events that week and a 6km you’ll score 5

As a participant your primary objective is your own. Each participant is in it for what
it can do for them, not what they can do for Motiv8. Your own goals are the
important ones.

An Honour Code will be in place and should by every participant be adhered to. A
very dim view will be taken of someone who is seen to be trying to “bend the rules”.

The Committees Decision is Final

Each event, class or Seminar that you attend it is the individual participants
responsible to make sure and sign in. If you are there but you DO NOT sign the
attendance sheet your point will not be given. Again The Committees Decision is

The Committee reserve the right to amend the timetable and scheduling of events over
the 8 week period. Only Authorised Committee Events are eligible for point scoring.
Again just so we’re clear The Committees decision is Final.

The Winner is determined by a combination of points scored in 3 Categories:

1 Points for attendance of Classes
2 Percentage Weight lose of the Overall team
3 Money raised, coming from 2 possible streams:
a. Total of teams Registration Fee’s
b. 1 Fundraiser

The scoring system will be as follows:

5000 points for the winner of each Category
4000 points of second
3000 points for third
2000 points for fourth

The team that gets the most points for attendance at for example classes will get 5000
points, the team that has the second most points for attendance will get 4000 points
etc all the way down to the fouth team.

This will be the system for all point scoring in the 3 Categories.

The team with the most points will be crowned the 2019 Rathnure Motiv8 Champions.

This will be fun, a bit of craic and as much a social event as anything. It will get
people together in a positive environment and allow us to reconnect with people and

Participation is more important than Winning, relax and have FUN